NY Mafia Semi Rules


      1.) Truck must be stock in appearance.

      2.) Day cab and sleeper birth trucks are both permitted.

      3.) Lift axles are permitted, however truck is limited to 2 inch disadvantage.

      4.) Trucks can be trailered into events **Points members only**

      5.) Only stock frames are permitted.  (No tubular chasis)

      6.) All firewalls must be complete with no more than 1/2 inch hole around any controls.

      7.) Only tandem axle semis are permitted.  No front wheel drive.

      8.) Fire extinguisher is required to be within the driver's reach with fully charged gauge and minimum of 2.5 lbs.

      9.) All trucks are required to have a backup light and or buzzer.

    10.) Must have working brakes on all rear axles.  Front brakes are not required.

    11.) All batteries must be located outside of the cab with an accesible battery disconnect switch.


      1.) Engine must be within 12 inches of stock location

      2.) All direct mount engine fans must be fiberglass or plastic, (no steel blades)

      3.) Steel flywheels are required *no cast* if: 1.) over 3000 RPMs, 2.) using a slipper clutch,3.) twin charger or bushed charger.

      4.) One production avaiable commercial truck engine is permitted.  (Cummins QSK-19 and Cat C-18 are permitted)

      5.) Electronic fuel injection is permitted.

      6.) All injections pumps are permitted for any make engines.

      7.) Three way dump valve is required and must have control from the driver's seat.  

      8.) Air kill is required if RPMs exceed 3000 and must have hook ups within 6 inches of center of rear most truck for the sled.

      9.) Must have minimum of 1/2 inch cable surronding engine between cylinder 1 & 2 with 6 inch of slack and a minuium of 4 cable clamps if over 3000 RPMs.

    10.) All ether aid (starting fluid) must be located outside of engine compartment and cab.

    11.) Only diesel fuel is permitted.  Nitromethane, nitrous oxide, alcohol or gasoline is NOT permitted.


      1.) Air ride is permitted.

      2.) No air bag/air spring is permitted on front steer axle

      3.) Rear most axle is allowed to be ridged with front drive axle on an air regulator

      4.)If rear most axle loses contact with the ground while hooked to the sled, this is grounds for disqualification

Clutches, Transmission, Driveline:

      1.) Clutch

            1.) Mechanical clutches will only be permitted.

            2.) Slipper clutches are permitted.

      2.) Transmissions:

             1.) Automatic transmissions are permitted but must have approved scatter blanket.

             2.) Must be a commercial truck component.

             3.) Bell housing scatter blankets are required if running over 3000 RPMs

      3.) Driveline:

             1.) Required if over 3000 RPMs or if driveline is over 50 inches to have a 360 degree metal (min of 5/16) sheild around all universal joints, and safety loops for  any drive line longer then 50 inches.


      1.) Max 4.1 turbo size. All turbos are subject to being checked with a 4.150 slug plug.

      2.) Max of 2 turbos is permitted.  Max 2 pressure stages.  TWIN CHARGER SETUPS AND BUSHED CHARGERS WILL HAVE A DISADVANTAGE OF 2 INCH HITCH HEIGHT.

      3.) Billet wheels are permitted.

      4.) Inter coolers are permitted.

      5.) All exhaust must have 3/8 inch cross bolts located in horizontal part just behind the tub o.

      6.) Water injection is permitted with only soluble oil as addictive.


      1.) Hitches can be under frame mounted with nothing contacting rear axles, hook point can be no less than 34 inches from center line of rear most axle and no more than 7 feet from center line of rear most axle. 

      2.) Fifth wheel mounted hitches are permitted.  Hitch must have a hold down to frame, a minimum of a 2 inch racket strap, can be bolted, or welded will be permitted.  Hitch can not exceed 7 feet from the center line of rear most axle.

      3.) All hitches must be adjustable from 16 inches to 24 inches measured from the top rear most point of draw bar.

      4.) All draw bars will be measured before the class starts.

      5.) All hitches must have a minimum of a 3 1/2 hole for hook point.

      6.) No cables or chains are permitted for draw bars.  SOLID STEEL ONLY.

      7.) Hook point must be free of all obstructions directly above for 6 inches wide by 12 inch height.



      1.) Max weight for truck and driver is 20,000 lbs.   1% variance for scale difference.  (Rule changed 01/01/21 with complete class agreement)

      2.) Adding weight is permitted.  Weights can not exceed rearward more than 51 inches of center line of rear most axle and can not exceed more than 102 inches wide.

      3.) All weights must be securely mounted and if one is lost while hooked to the sled, it is an automatic  DQ.

      4.) Weights can not interfere with hook point or kill switch.

      5.) Wheel weights are not permitted.