Outlaw Pulling Series was started December of 2013 by a couple of guys that were tired of the politics, that just wanted to pull and have fun.  Now 5 years later this has become a family.  This club has become more than we ever thought it could be.  Our pullers are nothing but top notch.  This club was started with a street semi class, a 466 tractor class, and a street diesel pickup class.  Since then we have added classes.  In 2015 we added a Light Hot Farm Tractor class and a 2.5 Diesel Pickup class.  In 2018 we added our NY Mafia Semi class.  This a class of high horse power semis.  Most of these trucks are dedicated for just pulling.  It has become an amazing class to watch.  In 2019 we modified our 2.5 Diesel Pickup class and made it a 2.6 Smooth Bore Diesel Pickup class.  This class is one of the most competitive classes in the area.  We would like to thank our fans, without you, we would be nothing.  Also we want to thank our promoters, allot of you guys have been with us right from the start.  We would want to thank our pullers. You guys are amazing.  Not only have we become friends over the years, but we are family.  I couldn't pick a better bunch of guys that i would want to spend my summers with.  Last but not least, we would like to thank Shawn, Bobbie and Jake Hunt, Greg and Randy Graham, and Jim Oswald.  You guys have been there every step of the way building this club, we couldn't have done it without all of the support you have given us.  Thank you, to everyone.  We look forward to another 5 years with everyone.