Light Hot Farm Tractor Rules


       1.) Engine crankcase, block, and cylinder head, must ne of the same manufacturer, and can be used with any agricultural transmission and rear end that used that brand of engine or throughout its mergers that used that brand of engine.

       2.) Rear of engine block to be mounted a maximum or 60 incehs from the center of the rear axle to the rear of the engine block.  **Exceptions**  Unless it came from the factory in a length longer then mentioned above.

       3.) Max of 380 cubic inche turbo diesel is allowed.  if 380 to 410 cubic inches, will be a disadvantage of 2 inches of hitch height and run 6500 lbs.

       4.) Max of 650 cubic inches for naturally aspirated agricultural or industrial engine.  Gas or propane updraft carburetor or downdraft not to exceend 850 cmfs.

       5.) No aftermarket, cast, or billet cylinder heads allowed.  Porting and polishing allowed or original is allowed.  Modifactions to cylinder heads to accept for billet or casted inserts of any kind is not allowed.  Cylinder heads are allowed 2 valves per cylinder.  No overhead cam allowed.

       6.) Use of super charger is not allowed unless factory.  (Detroit Diesel)

       7.) Legal fuels will be diesel, gasoline, and propane.

       8.) One fuel source only, no injection of a second fuel source. No nitrousoxide or oxygenated additives.

       9.) No electronic fuel injection of any kind.  All spark ignition engines will be carrbureted.

      10.)  All diesel engines to use a max of a Bosch P series fuel pump.

       11.)  No inter or after coolers of any kind allowed.

      12.)  Water injetion is allowed with lubricant only.  Water is subject to random testing at any time.

      13.)  No mechanical fan of any kind are allowed.

      14.) Exhaust must exit vertically.

      15.)  Any tractor wanting to run open RPMs must have steel flywheel.  Tractors not equipped with a steel flywheel will be limited to 3000 RPMs.

      16.)  Slipper clutches are allowed.  Must have steel flywheel.

V8 Engines:

        1.)  Max 410 cubic inch limit for V8 automotive engine.

       2.)  No turbo charged V8 of any kind.

       3.) Must be industry standard small block.  Block and heads must be cast iron.  2 valves and 1 spark plug per cylinder is allowed.

       4.)  One four barrel carburetor is allowed.  No fuel injection or sheet metal intake manifolds.

       5.)  Must use a msd based ignition with a 8000 RPM maximum RPM limiting chip.


        1.)  Tractor will eight a max of 7000 lbs.  If they're 410 cubic inches, they will only be allowed to weight 6500 lbs.

       2.)  All turbo diesel tractor over 380 cubic inches cannot run open RPMs.

       3.)  Maximum turbo size is 2.6 inches of the intake and must be a smooth bore.

       4.)  All naturally aspirated tractors are allowed to run open RPMs.


        1.)  Maximum length allowed is 13 feet measured from center of rear axle to forward most point, excluding tow hook.

       2.)  Maximum wheel base allowed is 114 inches.

       3.)  OEM tractor rear end and transmission housings only.  No component tractors allowed.

       4.)  All tractors to have a minimum of a 2 bar roll bar cage with a 5 point harness or ROPs with a seatbelt.   

         5.)  Maximum tire size allowed is either a 18.4x38 or 20.8x34.  Tires can be cut or uncut.