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Hot Farm 466 Tractor Class Rules

466 Hot Farm Class Rules for 2016

Rules can only be changed when a safety issue arises. Rules will be up for amendment on 01/01/2017. Thank you and let’s make the 2016 season a great one.

General Rules:

  1. Safety is always first.

  2. Operator must operator their tractor in a safe manner at all times.

  3. Operator must be 18 years of age, or 16 years of age with parental consent.

  4. No alcohol before pulling or driving equipment. If you are found to be drinking before you pull, you will be served a disqualification.

  5. No riders at any time while we are at an Outlaw Pulling Series event.

  6. Pullers have to shut down before the 100 ft mark in order to have a second attempt. Breakage drops to last.

  7. First puller has the option to either take their first pull, or turn it down and come back to pull last.

  8. First puller in the class is the test hook. If the sled is reset, puller has the option to come back fifth or last.

  9. Drivers must remain in their seats while on the track. If you lose control of your tractor while pulling, you will be flagged.

  10. Loss of weights, parts, or excessive fluids will result in a disqualification.

  11. Maximum RPMs for this class is 3500. This is an indefinite rule and never up for change.

Air Shutoff:

Vehicle must have a cable operated engine air intake shutoff device. Device cannot be a butterfly type and must be spring loaded. Cable must be located approximately 4 ft about the point of hook and within 6 inches of the center of the vehicle. Device must prevent the engine from building boost. The sled requires a 2 inch ring or equivalent to be attached at the end of the cable. Mount cable in clear view with no obstructions. One must be within the drivers reach while strapped in the seat.


All tractors must have working rear brakes capable of sliding each rear wheel


Clutch blanket or a SFI approved flywheel is approved if you are running over 3000 RPMs. If you have a SFI approved clutch and flywheel certification papers, you will not need to run a clutch blanket, although it is recommended. If you need to run a clutch blanket, it must be a SFI approved, 4.2 blanket, minimum of 17 inches wide, and have a 6 inch overlap around the bell housing of the tractor.

Cooling Fan:

Cooling fans are allowed to be electric operated. No factory metal blades are allowed on the water pump.


Maximum wheel base is 114 inches unless the tractor was originally produced with a longer wheel base. Maximum length of 13 feet from the center of the rear axle to the forward must point of the tractor excluding the front hitch.

Dump Valve:

A 3 way fuel dump bypass valve is required ahead of the injection pump. This valve is to be operated by a cable within the driver’s reach when strapped in his/her seat.


Drawbar must be a minimum of 18 inches behind center of rear axle. A maximum of 20 inches in height, and must be ridged in all directions. Hitching eye to be a minimum of 1 in thick with a 3 in x 3.75 in inside diameter hole.


OEM stock block, head intake manifold, and exhaust manifold must be for make and model of vehicle being entered. No aftermarket components are allowed. 470 cubic inch maximum limit plus 2%. Cubic inch rule is indefinite and never able to be voted on for change.

Fire Extinguisher:

Vehicle must be equipped with a minimum of a 2.5lb dry type or a 2lb halon type fire extinguisher that must be located within easy reach of the driver. Fire extinguisher must be fully charged, have a working gauge, and must have been certified with a year of when it is being checked.


All tractors must have fenders. Fenders must extend no fewer than 6 inches over the top of the tires.


All tractors must be equipped with floorboards.

Fuel Pumps:

Rotary pump, A pump, and P pumps with 13mm plungers or smaller are allowed. P3000 or P7100 are allowed. No P8600. Pump must have, only one plunger per cylinder. Throttle stop must be located on the pump.


All tractors must run diesel only. No propane, alcohol, gasoline, nitro methane, nitrous, or nitro-propane is allowed.

Neutral Safety Switch:

All tractors must be equipped with a neutral safety switch or something equivalent that will not allow the tractor to start in gear. Tractors must only be able to start in neutral

Personal Safety Equipment:

Driver must wear a helmet with a Snell rating of 85 or higher. Driver must wear a fire jacket meeting a SFI rating of 3.1 of higher. Leather boots and SFI approved gloves are also required. Driver must also wear a neck collar. Seat belt must be a 5 way seat belt harness attached to the roll cage.

Roll Cages:

Roll cages are required on all tractors.

Sheet Metal:

All tractors must look like a standard Tractor for its year, make, and model in appearance. All major factory must be a stock looking, factory or aftermarket.


This rule applies to tractors running 3000 RPMs and up. Side panels are mandatory on both sides of the engine and must cover the entire engine. Either aluminum or steel, not less than 0.060 inch thick. There must be a firewall that separates the operator from the engine compartment with no hole more than ½ inch in diameter for controls to pass through. A 0.060 inch thick steel or a .120 inch thick aluminum must run between frame and the harmonic balancer to prevent loss of harmonic balancer from the tractor.


24.5 single cut ag tires will be allowed for a maximum tire size. This rule will be up for change 01/01/2017.


Throttle lever must have a double spring installed such that if the throttle lever released, the engine will return to idle. Throttle must function such that moving the throttle lever forward, increases the engine speed.

Tube Frame, Front End, and Tie Bars:

Manufactured and aftermarket tube frames and front ends are allowed, and must support the weight of the tractor. Tie bars must support the weight of the tractor also. Tie bars are mandatory.


Maximum turbo is a 3inch x 3 inch smooth bore.

Water injection:

Water injection is allowed. No port water injection is allowed. No alcohol, windshield washer fluid, or other enhancers are allowed. Water pump lubricant is allowed. Water must be able to pass any test that Outlaw Pulling Series decides to perform without any notice. No intercoolers of any shape of any shape are allowed in the air intake system of the tractor.

Wheelie Bars:

All tractors must be equipped with wheelie bars.