Outlaw Pulling Series
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About Us

Outlaw Pulling Series is a bunch of guys that got together and said, Hey we just wanna have fun and put on the best show that we can.  So with the help of several sponsors we formed this club.  We offer a great show at a reasonable price, with lots of extras.  We can be added to any other shows that you already have scheduled because we carry our own insurance.

At Outlaw Pulling Series we offer a complete show that you can customize. We are a truck based club with our main attraction being a street semi class. We also offer a street pickup class at no extra cost. We have reccently been approached by an up and coming tractor class that wants to join us.  We handle everything as far as, sign ins, entry fees, teching, flagging and recording distances. If your organization is interested in offering an antique tractor pull, we are willing to cover you under our insurance for a small additional cost. If your organization decides to then, you will also be responsible for all that the class needs to run.